The Football Association Lodged A Formal Complaint

It’s jarring, to say the least, to hear the words which were allegedly used. But this, Brewster says, is just the newest in a long line of events where he’s been targeted this year, beginning with England’s experience against Ukraine throughout the European Under-17 Championship in Croatia in May. England won that match 4-0, with Brewster scoring the second aim. But there was an incident [with the identical outfield player] later in the game. It was a terrible challenge and I pushed him.

The Football Association lodged a formal complaint but Uefa, with no video footage, concluded there wasn’t enough proof for disciplinary action. Nobody, however, has informed Brewster of that choice. To the adolescent, it seems just like the situation “disappeared”. The following incident happened in September when Liverpool’s Under-19s, handled by Gerrard, had a Uefa Youth League tie at home against Sevilla. “We’re on a rest,” Brewster says. I was hoping to get up with drama when one of the players began running across me, attempting to block my line and stop me running. He has come back and said something in Spanish. situs judi bola

“Yeah, and I have reacted. I was planning to walk off the pitch and then go straight down the tunnel, I was angry. Clearly, he realized something was wrong and he put his arm around me. I told them [Liverpool’s coaching team] and they informed the fourth official. Nevertheless, the fourth official told the ref that their player was accused of bullying. He [the referee] went into the participant to say he was accused of bullying and the player looked like he did not understand what was happening.”

The Sevilla participant denied any wrongdoing and Uefa finally ruled there was insufficient evidence to take disciplinary action. Liverpool, however, has clear concerns about the apparent lack of investigation when the club had filed a complaint. None of the team was interviewed to determine if there were witnesses why, as Brewster says, “a few challenges went flying in from our players” throughout the remainder of the match. Brewster was never contacted for a follow-up interview and Liverpool’s belief is that neither were the game officials. It appears remarkable and it’s not difficult to know why Liverpool, and the participant at the heart of the story, have doubts about the procedures Uefa employs and the effort, or lack of it, that goes into creating the facts.

Brewster’s first idea was to encourage his team-mate “since I know how he feels and I did not want him to believe he was on his own”. Uefa then ordered Spartak to shut 500 chairs of the academy stadium for another game and display a banner — “Equal Game” — at that section of the floor. “It is not really a punishment, is it?” Brewster says. They were not even using those chairs. It’d be like us being asked to shut 500 chairs at Prenton Park at a stand that was empty. It should have been more intense — an entire stadium ban.”

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