Kick It Out Has Heavily Criticized Uefa

Kick It Out, English soccer’s chief anti-racism group has heavily criticised Uefa and described itself as “deeply disappointed” the latest investigation involving alleged abuse against the England Under-17s World Cup winner Rhian Brewster has been dropped because of insufficient evidence against the Spartak Moscow participant who was accused. Uefa’s decision to not punish Leonid Mironov is the most recent disappointment for Brewster following a series of alleged incidents that forced Liverpool’s 17-year-old striker, with the aid of his team, to approach the Guardian in December for a meeting where he said he had personally experienced racial abuse or witnessed it happening to some team-mate, seven days in his young career, including five events in the previous seven months.

Mironov was accused of racially abusing his opponent during a Uefa Youth League tie in December but the Russian participant denied the allegation and Uefa’s investigation, which involved interviewing two game officials and five players from both sides, couldn’t find anyone else who heard the words that were alleged. Uefa has specified that it considers Brewster made the allegation “in complete good faith” but won’t take any actions on the basis it was just one man’s words against the other. agen sbobet

“Kick It Out considers there are issues with nightclubs, such as Spartak Moscow, who were engaged in many alleged racist incidents in recent years, getting little if any discouragement by national and global soccer authorities in response to allegations of racism and discrimination. This problem is compounded with any action taken, in connection with discriminatory or racist incidents being proper. This present situation is intolerable.” Spartak was formerly ordered to shut 500 chairs and exhibit an anti‑racism banner following their fans exposed one of Brewster’s team‑mates, the Nigeria-born Bobby Adekanye, to monkey chants during a match in Moscow.

“I really like the game. I am never going to stop loving it. It is just disappointing to know it is still in the game. If it was not for the game, it would be so much better. You wouldn’t need to worry about playing overseas, stressing about what the fans will say, or what another player will say. I would not have to worry that if I score they’re going to call me all kinds of names.” “We want to put on record our admiration for the courage shown by Rhian Brewster during this process and commend his exemplary behavior,” a Liverpool spokesman said. “The club is extremely pleased with this maturity, dignity, and direction Rhian has shown in bringing attention to this problem and he’ll continue to get our full support. In keeping with Rhian’s stance, the team promotes soccer’s governing bodies to facilitate the strongest processes possible to identify and tackle discrimination in the match at all ages.”

He can do is attempt to influence change and hope, with no actual experience of these things, the voice of a 17-year-old could be heard. He’s done his bit, speaking with clarity and distinction, although it wasn’t ever his intention he’s also shown a strength of character which makes it clear why the folks at Anfield think so highly of him. “I do not think Uefa take this thing seriously. They don’t actually care. That’s how it feels like it’s been brushed under the rug.”

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